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Do you like Pirates? How about vampires?

(sing to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer) You’ve heard of dancers and musicians and teachers and gymnasts. Hunters and scientists and celebrities and fishers. But have you heard, of the greatest idea of them all? Jack Sparrow finds his brother. He just happens to be Robert Pattinson, who was the really hot vampire, from the hit movie ‘Twilight’. This is the greatest idea. Because they are both good looking. When they are on screen together. Girls in the audience will faint. The sad thing about this idea is. It is only a rumor. But if they make it into a movie, it will be filled with great…?… humor!

On left, Jack Sparrow running from hungry cannibals. On right the bad, but beautiful Robert Pattinson

That was probably a little hard to understand, so I will explain to you what it means. You most likely know about the three ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies. If you know about those movies then you know about Jack Sparrow, the lead pirate. And with all those crazy ‘Twilight’ fans out there you also probably know about ‘Twilight’ and it’s main vampire Edward who is played by Robert Pattinson. Well guess what? …What?… Robert Pattinson may star as Jack Sparrow’s brother in the yet-to-be-decided-if-it’s-going-to-be-made Pirates of the Caribbean 4! Isn’t that absolutely amazing?!

If they do decide to make the movie, they will start sometime in 2011! What’s even crazier is they were considering Zac Efron and that crazy frizzy-haired guy who hosted the VMA’s, Russell Brand, as Jack Sparrow’s brother! Ewe! Zac Efron is cute, but I mean, he’s more of a singing basketball player, good-guy kinda person. Definitely, not a pirate! And Russell Brand! OH! MY! GOSH! He was so annoying on the VMA’s. They were both hatin’ on the Jo Bros!!! (Jonas Brothers) That’s why they are now considering the gorgeous Rob Pattinson rather than those Jo Bro hatin’ fools!!!

(sing to the tune of ‘Then one Foggy Christmas Eve’, of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer) Soooooo, if they make this movie, do you think it will make a lot of money? I think it will because there are Pirate fans and vampire fans who will see it. The movie company will makes lots of money. Then they all will be happy. We will get out of this “depression”, and it will go down in his-tor-yyyyyyyyyyyy! Yea!

Just kidding! This is a great idea. There are so many ‘Pirates’ fans and sooooooo many ‘Twilight’ fans that all of them will most likely go and see the movie. I think it will be a great success and it will be funny. Not to mention the great looking people that will all just happen to star in it!! I think it will be an amazing production and who really cares if the plot totally sucks? Only the critics and award shows. I mean there are people (girls mostly) who will just go to see Johnny’s and Robert’s face for and hour and a half to two hours! THat’s all we reeally want! So, please.Please! Make the movie. Or I will send the Kraken and the Volturi after you! That’s right! Both of them! They will totally and completely destroy you! So make the movie!


Thanks! : )

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  1.    1994k says:


    Posted December 17, 2008, 10:22 pm #      
  2.    livdance39 says:

    OH BABY!!!! that would be sooooo amazing if that rumor came true. It would be the biggest news that everyone is talking about for like the rest of time (well until the world comes to an end.) i am sooooo excited.

    Posted March 13, 2009, 11:31 am #      
  3.    bbanna27 says:

    Wow this is a great blog and very creative! Did u write the song by yourself? Is Robert Pattinson really going to be in Pirates of the Carribean? Keep writing like this you are really good.

    Posted March 13, 2009, 11:33 am #      

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